We earn our clients faith and trust with everything we do, everything we say and especially how we treat each other everyday of the year, we must never forget this.

“The medical insurance that we had cost about $400 a month, and delivering the baby was going to cost $3,000. Mark found a plan that not only cost less per month but saved me about $2000 dollars from the delivery and so much more. Mark is just amazing. He’s found great plans that work for a family, and with even more benefits than those from other companies that cost twice as much.”

Xavier Perez of Land Perc

"It's rare for an insurance agent, once they write up a policy and sign you up, to follow up with you. They don't come to see you,” Latigo said. “Mark stops by at least once or twice a month just to check that everything's okay with us. If we have any questions, he'll answer them. And, we sincerely like the way he stays on top of our account and makes sure everybody's okay with it. We have complete faith in him.

Rene Latigo of Southern Tank and Pump

"I had Tri-Care when I was in the military, but other than that, I'd never really had health insurance," Almeida said. "I do almost everything in life based off of how people make me feel. Mark and I connected really well, and he was always a real sweet and genuine guy.

Last year, without me asking, he went out and found a better package with better rates and more coverage." Mark saved me close to $2,000 this year.

Joseph Almeida of Joey's Custard, an ice cream shop in Sanibel Island

"Mark's very good with my employees -- helpful and courteous -- and his service is wonderful. Our employees are very happy dealing with him. “There’s a lot less stress because we feel very confident he's doing a good job." Mark helped him find the right plans for his team of 35 employees.

Mendes said he instructs new hires to call Health Insurance MD before they start because benefits are so important to them. "I just have them call Mark."

“On a scale of one to 10, Mark is probably an 11. He's doing that good of a job for Tropic Trailer," Mendes said. "And I hope he's with us for many years to come."

Eli Mendes of Tropic Trailer