How It Works

Our Approach to Affordable Health Care Coverage

A streamlined 5-step system.

- Step 1 — Brief interview where we determine eligibility and enrollment periods. Call 239-271-7785

- Step 2 — From there, you hire us and we complete and submit your application; review the eligibility & pricing.

- Step 3 — We go over the different types of insurance policies available based upon your application before helping you select the best healthcare coverage — without bias.

- Step 4 — Often a variety of documentation items such as employment income, citizenship docs, Medicaid, and Social Security. We submit all required documents and assist with any document requests by the Exchange.

- Step 5 — If your life changes, your coverage might need to change, too. We help you maintain your health insurance benefits and comply with Affordable Care Act stipulations throughout life's various stages such as marriage, divorce, death, childbirth, adoption, income changes, and other life events.

Finding affordable health care coverage in Florida without conflicts of interest or confusion is difficult. Health Insurance MD LLC has the best solution for employers and individuals looking for affordable, comprehensive coverage without being forced to choose a policy that’s hard to understand. If all this sounds like what you need in order to find better health care coverage, reach out to us today! We're ready to help.